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We need your support to break communication barriers around the world!

Do you know Sign Language, and want to help us expand the Hand Talk free app?

Illustration of a broken wall and an Earth globe behind it. The broken wall represents breaking barriers, and in front of it there are two talking balloons. One with the sentence: "Hello, world!" and the other with the accessibility symbol in Brazilian Sign Language inside it.

How you can collaborate

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Recording videos

Illustrations representing two windows of Sign Language. One of them, on the left, has a positive sign, and the other window, on the right, has a red "X". The illustrations are inside a yellow rectangle.

Validating translations

Illustration of a hand pointing with the index finger to a selection box. These illustrations are inside a blue rectangle.

Segmenting videos

Illustration of a pencil at the center of the image drawing shapes. There are different types and sizes of the shapes and below them are little hands in movement. These illustrations are inside a green rectangle.

Reviewing 3D animations

Illustration of a hand holding a magnifying glass, on one side of it a symbol of equal and on the other side a symbol of different. These illustrations are inside an orange rectangle.

Matching segments

Contribute to Hand Talk Community and help spread accessibility around the world

✅ If your Sign Language is already available in our app, you can help improve our virtual translators' knowledge.

⚠️ If your Sign Language is not yet available in our app, you can help us make it available as soon as possible.

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When you become a Hand Talk Community volunteer, you help improve the translation quality of the app, as well as expand into to more languages.

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Image of Hand Talk's virtual translators, Hugo and Maya. They are 3D characters. Hugo represents a white man with dark hair, wearing glasses, a white shirt and a light blue tie. Maya represents a black woman with short curly hair, wearing glasses and a light blue shirt.
Illustration of a notebook with a person on the screen signaling. On the top right corner there is an icon representing a video camera.

Hand Talk Community is a data collecting and curatorship platform for both Spoken and Sign Languages. Its goal is to gather information and knowledge for our virtual translators. The data collected, made possible through the partnership of the deaf community and sign language experts, is also used for future challenges.

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